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HONC Newsletter - March 2007


Honc Monthly Newsletter                                                      March 2007 - Issue 1


Welcome to the March Honc newsletter.

A quick note to new members, thanks for joining the Honc music community.
With your help we hope to continue our work in bringing free music to members, while promoting independent and amateur musicians, again welcome.

It has been a busy month for the Honcman. Since the launch of the new HONC.BIZ website, community response has been great! Keep uploading your songs, we are hoping to launch our first 100 songs for download within the next few months.

Honc On!

The Honcman.


    In next months newsletter    
  • Member music reviews

  • Top 10 songs as voted by our members
  • Members tips for Online music

    Internet music tip    

Finding top 40 caliber commercial music in MP3 format is hard, not only that, but legal download of MP3 songs is not really a service available at this time.

Any mp3 download site that promises free MP3 downloads are either a Scam, illegal or bending the rules. They do this by unfairly placing the onus onto the customer to "check local laws before using this service" For example, the sites promise "40 MILLION SONGS FOR $1". Mmmmm.

Even buying your own CD's and converting them to mp3 is not legal in most countries. Music on MP3 is only legal with the permission of the musician who created the music. That is where the Honcman comes in.

There are hundreds of great musicians around the world struggling to promote their music. They give it to us for free, we give it to you for free, if it becomes popular and opens some doors, Everybody wins..

    Cool site of the month    

Please send in your suggestions for cool site of the month, music related or not and we will add it into the next newsletter.


    Tech tip    

The average song size in MP3 format is 3 Meg, 1 gig equals 1000 meg, so on a 1 gig MP3 player you should look at getting approximately 300 songs. In reality 200-250 songs should be your goal.


    What's the Honcman been up to    

Honcman has joined secondlife (www.secondlife.com). As "Honcman Hax", Honcman has been exploring this new online world and over the next few months look at opening a shop and building a house.

If there are any members who would like to help out or join up and meet the Honcman online, let us know. We are looking forward to expanding our online presence in this new world, joining is free and it is looking pretty funny so far.


    Free gift !    

We have 10 Honcman T-shirts that have been designed with the new Honcman branding that we will be giving away to members for free. If you would like a free gift, the first 10 people to respond will be sent out a FREE shirt. Looking forward to next month’s newsletter where we will be including a lot more member feedback and suggested new sections.

Honc On !






















honc if you love music

Honc if you love music !

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