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HONC Newsletter - April 2007


Honc Monthly Newsletter                                                      April 2007 - Issue 2



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Welcome to the April Honc newsletter.


Monthly update from Honc staff

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April 2007 has been a month of growth for the Honcman and the team at honc.biz. Visitors and members are steadily increasing, while development on the website has meant some long and late nights. New members are signing up every day and the search for good quality legal mp3 music continues!


We have showcased 5 bands to kick off our "get tunes" page. Checkout the free music downloads at our site and visit the bands websites for more great music and to learn more about some great talents.

Mainstream musicians are starting to release music singles through free downloads on the internet. The power of the net for music distribution is being finally recognized. If you hear of free downloads from a top 40 caliber artist please let the Honcman know so we can alert members, and post their music on our tunes pages.



Open to all regardless of nationality, you may enter the 12th Annual USA Songwriting Competition and win $50,000 Grand Prize worth of cash, cool music gear from Sony, Ibanez Guitars, Peavey, Audio-Techica and more! Winning songs will receive airplay on a nationally syndicated radio program in United States and Canada. Judges include A&R from Universal, Sony/BMG, EMI and Warner Music.

Please obtain the entry form from the internet at: http://www.songwriting.net

    Free Stuff    


Last month the Honc man watched free t-shirts get snapped up by new members. This month we are continuing the theme with honc.biz giving away Honc t-shirts and Honc caps to members. March winners only had to reply to the newsletter to win. Even though we had 10 t-shirts on offer we only had 7 replies! At this rate the Honcman will have to stand on the street corner to give away his quality merchandise.


This month we are challenging members to win. The first 10 members to reply with a link to a band giving away their music for free in mp3 format will be in the running for a hat or shirt or both! We have 10 baseball type caps and 10 cool Honc t-shirts to giveaway so start searching!




One of our members has written an article about online music that the Honcman found very informative, see it here. Thanks to Dave from Milwaukee for his efforts in putting this together. If there are any other talented writers out there feel free to contact us with your articles.


    How You Can Help    


You can help.


The more visitors that hit our site, the more revenue we can put towards developing a better website for our members and bands. This means more FREE stuff for our members and better music for everyone. If you can talk about honc on your website, blog, myspace page or newsgroup, this will increase membership and help us provide a better service.


One of the ways we raise revenue is through advertising on our site, please click on an add as you leave, a click is all we need. We are putting a percentage of revenue to servicing FREE stuff for members with the remainder going into developing the website. All clicks are appreciated.


    User Feedback    


All feedback is appreciated. Good, bad or indifferent, we take it all on board. Members tell us what they like, or don't like, all comments are read out during our weekly operations meeting and addressed as soon as possible. Only our customers can help to make us great!


    Tech Tip    


What is a "flash" player? An mp3 music player uses flash memory to store music. This has advantages over a player that uses a hard disk because of the moving parts. In an MP3 flash player there are no moving parts, so the chance of skipped tracks or music jumping is removed. As a result, the active person who listens to music during their commute to work or fitness regime, music will play true every time.


    Round Up    


Honcman has some great ideas for May, with members giving great ideas and tips to help out as well. Stay tuned for great times and let us know how the music goes!




Honcman & team


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honc if you love music

Honc if you love music !

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