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 HONC Newsletter - May 2007


Honc Monthly Newsletter                                                      May 2007 - Issue 3



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Welcome to the May Honc newsletter.


Monthly update from Honc staff

  • Monthly update from Honc staff

  • FREE stuff

  • News

  • Help!

  • User feedback

  • Tech tips

  • Most popular band voted by you

  • Round Up

May 2007 was a month of awesome growth and constant reflection for the team here at Honc. With the website now fully launched, our team continues to focus on finding good music, listening to our members, and trying to find out how to stop spammers abusing our contact form page. When will they get the message, we don’t need anything from them, and wouldn’t have this problem if Bob from marketing wasn’t so curious.

Honc has posted 3 new bands this month for you to download and review. Keep sending in your views on music hosted at Honc, that’s why we are here!

  • band1   Lions in the street

  • band2   Scotty don't

  • band3   Hooteedee

    Free Stuff    

We are STILL having problems giving away stuff; see below for winners from some of our competitions. Honc Still has plenty left over that could have been won last month. Our new design of baseball style caps hit our warehouse last week and are the focus of this months giveaways.

This month we are still (mildly) challenging members to win. The first 5 members to reply with a link to a band giving away free music in mp3 format will win one of the new baseball style caps. An additional five caps will be given away to the first ten members telling us their favorite band currently showcased on Honc.biz.

That's 15 hats, If we can't give them away, next month we will run a competition titled "Best suggestion to Honc for free giveaways"... or perhaps the “Send hats here” competition is making a come back.



Honc members, we have two massive news items for you this month. Things that have shown that your support has helped us grow, and secondly our need to answer the question that many members have asked. “When are we going to hear from the Honcman?”


First things first, Honc has secured premises in North Sydney, Australia.
This office will be the Asia pacific head office of Honc, (How big do WE
sound). We are currently moving into our new surroundings and are looking
forward to making more free music available to all our members. We are
looking forward to settling in to our own little piece of the "real world"
The next item is BIG, an interview with the Honcman has been scheduled for the
27th June, and boy is he pumped for it. In a 15 minute interview, we are going to
hear from the Honcman himself. He is going to take us through his grand plans
for the website, and let us in on some hot gossip from the music industry. We
have also decided to track down our first member of the Honc website to grab
some outside gossip on why they chose Honc as their primary music resource.
We will send out a mid month broadcast once we have tracked them down.
Look for the interview on our website, and in the You Tube galleries after June 27th.


    How You Can Help    

The more visitors we have navigating to our site, the more revenue we can make which leads to a better website. This means more FREE stuff for members and better music for everyone. If you can talk about Honc on your website | blog | myspace page or newsgroup this will increase our number of members and help us provide a better service.

One of the ways we raise revenue is through advertising on the site, please click on an advertisement as you leave. A single click is all we need. We are putting a percentage of revenue to servicing FREE stuff for members with the remainder going into developing the website. All clicks are GREATLY appreciated.


    User Feedback    

Membership numbers have hit 800! That’s great news for the team at Honc.

It is showing that our music site has a growing membership and support group of people who are finding the Honc experience a positive one to be a part of. We are planning a BIG party when we hit our 1000th member!

Please keep the feedback coming, it is a great starting place for the monthly newsletter and helps us find bands and news that sometimes gets lost in the ever expanding universe of the World Wide Web.


    Tech Tip    

MP3 Players for more that music?

Playing music on your mp3 player is the obvious reason for buying one. However, there are a few more incentives popping up on the internet recommending that this portable medium be used for much, much more. The person on the bus next to you is most likely listening to pre-recorded radio shows, Pod casts, audio books or tutorials on any number of subjects. We will open a page to these types of resources on Honc in the coming months, be assured the Honcman interview will feature on this page.


    Most popular band as voted by you    

Last months winner of the members poll is “RainFallWarning”. Congratulations guys, our members voted you as their most enjoyed band of the month. You are now on this months vote up against our two newest bands, “Scotty don’t”, and “Lions in the street".

Good luck!

    Round Up    

More growth, more members and more music. The best source we have is you. We are seeing some great interest in the Honc music community as members keep signing up. Please play your part by providing us with feedback, more free music leads, and promoting our message during your internet time. Honcman has a new myspace page www.myspace.com/honcman so feel free to visit.

Thanks again and see you next month!

Honcman & team

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honc if you love music

Honc if you love music !

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