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Honc if you love music !

HONC Press Release

February 16, 2007   Music News

Honc™ Australia proudly announces the launch of our new website www.honc.biz. Created in 2006, Honc™ Australia started as a small garage business in Sydney, Australia, selling low-cost MP3 and micro movie players to friends and family.

With the scarcity of legally available MP3’s, Honc™ has taken the next step and gone online. Our aim is to match quality musicians with a music hungry public keen to adopt the new MP3 technology whilst staying within the bounds of the law. If you are an independent musician looking to promote your music, we need your help! Stop by and create a free account. Upload your music to Honc™ and it will then be available for public download. Get your songs in now! In addition, all our MP3 players will be shipped with the top 100 songs as downloaded by our customers.

If you are an MP3 fanatic looking for something new, you don’t have long to wait. Hit our site and create a FREE member account. Then you will be able to download MP3 music from our amateur and independent artists to your hearts content! Legally!

Top downloads and customer favourites will be highlighted on our site to make the process as simple as possible. We are currently running a launch deal giving away a FREE MP3 player with every purchase from our Honcman™ apparel range. Whether it is a hat, shirt or cap, you will receive a free MP3 player at no extra charge. This offer is for a strictly limited time and while stocks last.

Also, visit our Friends & Affiliate section for Honcman™ certified Internet shopping and great online music links. Visit our Contacts page to leave your feedback, or drop us a line. If you have a music site and want to trade links please contact us.

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honc if you love music

Honc if you love music !

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