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Support and FAQ's:

Please review the FAQ's listed below for a possible solution or answer to your query. If you cannot find a suitable solution, please use the contact form below to raise a ticket with our service desk.

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What is MP3

The file extension (music.mp3) is a compression process for taking CD quality music and reducing it in size without losing any  quality. This process then enables you to play your mp3 files as songs on a portable player that understands the new format. You can play the songs on you computer, mobile Honc player or burn them to a cd.

What is MP4

MPEG obtains its name from the "Moving Picture Experts Group". This group is responsible for developing the compression process of digital audio and video. In other words, the MPEG members develop ways to efficiently deliver audio and video in digital formats that you can play on your computer or other electronic appliances such as Honc MP3 and MP4 devices.

How do I play MP3 songs on my Honc player

The devices come standard with a USB cable. Using this cable you are able to connect your Honc MP3 or MP4 player to your computer. Once the connection has been made, you can simply copy music and video files to your new player by dragging and dropping them into the folders. A specific quick start guide comes with every device purchased from Honc, detailing the steps required to transfer music files to your player.

How do I avoid illegal MP3 websites

The Internet is a very open place, and there are certainly many ways to get caught out. the best way to avoid illegal sites is to do your research, and stick to the big players. Here is a list of websites we recommend for researching the best ways to obtain MP3 and MP4 files to play music and watch music videos on your Honc MP3 and MP4 device.

Do I need special software to play my songs

No, The Honc MP3/MP4 player has software built in. All you need to do is copy your songs into the correct directories from your computer and the player will do the rest. in your quick start guide you find more detailed explanations on how the software works, and the best practice uses.

Where can I get my MP3 songs legally

Please check local laws in your country in regards to music copyright laws. The best place might be your own CD collection. Using software readily available on the internet, you can transfer songs to your new Honc MP3 player. If you would like to investigate purchasing MP3 music from a legal source, try searching local music stores.

Q and A with the HONCMAN

Honc fans from around the globe post questions for the Honc Man daily. Honc Man is stubborn and tries to answer all his fans. While all questions are important to the Honc Man, he can only post so many...


Question: Is MP3 going to last, or is it just another "Computer Fad" ?


HONC MAN: MP3 has become a very popular way to listen to music, it's easy to move music from your PC to an MP3 portable player and take your music everywhere you go. My Honc players have significantly greater storage capacity with a 1 gig player easily storing around 200 songs.


Question: Is downloading music illegal?


HONC MAN: The Honc Man stays away from illegal downloads. Artists and song writers work hard man, we need to support them and play by the rules. Honc stores songs written and performed by genuine artists who give their permission for Honc to put their songs on this site.


Question: Where can I get legal MP3 songs?


HONC MAN: Getting your hands on legal MP3's can be a challenge. There are a lot of fakes and con's on the internet that will promise "billions of songs" for a small outlay. The Honc Man says....


Like everything in life "if it looks too good to be true...It probably is".


Stick with with genuine web sites and let me guide you, musicians work hard and I am for them. Musicians ROCK! so says the Honc Man!


Buying MP3's is a Honc'n minefield (Excuse the language) . Most sites require you to sign up and download software to play your purchased songs, this makes it a bit hard to use that newly purchased 2 gig player, don't you think?


Question: What about the CD's that I own?


HONC MAN: Before you begin converting CD's to MP3, it's important to remember that many international laws prohibit making even one copy of any CD without the permission of the copyright owner - even for personal use. Honc Man suggests you check local laws before moving any tracks from traditional media to your pc as an MP3.


Question: I'm all cool with my songs, how do I get them to the Honc Player?


HONC MAN: Honc Man has the answer.. Conversion software can be used if you have your own recorded music on CD, you can easily convert it to MP3. So grab your tracks and use the suggested software below to become portable...The Honc way!

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Honc if you love music !

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