There are those who stop doing it in April and start again in September; there are also those who would never give it up: but what am I talking about? Obviously the hair dryer! In spring and, above all, in summer, heat and heat do not make life easy when it comes to drying the hair. The risk is to get a good fold but end up in the shower immediately after, because in the meantime the sweat has returned to the attack.

What to do in these cases? One solution seems to be to dry your hair without a hair dryer, but it’s not so simple: it’s very easy, indeed, to find yourself with a bush on your head, with curly and loose pendants and flat straight hair and without a why. Follow our advice and you’ll see that you can avoid suffering from the heat after a shower and still have great hair.

How to dry your hair naturally: let’s talk about straight hair

Here are some tips to dry your hair naturally avoiding a sauna: in this case you must be careful not to make the hair frizzy or electric, eliminating the knots to get a super smooth hair as if you had made the fold.

  • Use the towel to eliminate as much water as possible, being careful to dab the hair rather than rub it. Try the microfiber turban: it’s super comfortable to use – many have a button and a buttonhole to keep it still – and it dries the hair without dehydrating it.
  • Brush your hair gently, keeping your natural hair cool and untangling the knots. Use the legendary Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler, perfect to use on wet hair to untangle even the finest ones without ruining them.
  • Proceed with air drying. At this point, in fact, your hair should be more damp than wet and, therefore, you should be able to walk around without making a lake and without looking like you just got out of the shower. The final look should be that wet look of the catwalk, which always makes a lot of summer.
  • Use a finishing product to make sure that your hair doesn’t become unmanageable and turns into a floor mop: to keep your hair smooth and shiny, try TIGI’s Blow out balm; if your problem is frizz then use Moroccanoil’s Frizz Control serum; and finally, for hair that risks breaking (do split ends tell you something?), Alfaparf’s Anti Breakage Daily Fluid Seeds line is perfect.
  • Do you find yourself irretrievably with frizzy hair? Discover the tricks of Cristiano, our hair stylist!

Is it possible to dry wavy and curly hair without the beloved diffuser?

Curly and wavy hair is the most affected by humidity: that’s why those who have curly hair it seems almost a dirty word to say that you can dry your hair in the air. Actually it’s not really like that, there are some tricks you can try: give it a try, if you can get rid of the half hour face to face with the hair dryer it will be worth it. The first essential step is to fix the natural waves with ad hoc products, capable of reinvigorating and maintaining them over time. As you can imagine, there are specific products:

  • If your hair has just moved, choose a light spray that helps you to get some amazing beach waves: try Schwarzkopf’s Light splash conditioner Mad about Waves that defines the waves and untangles the hair.
  • If your hair is rather curly, try the Curl Lifter mousse from Sebastian’s Twisted line, which is designed to work even without the heat of a hair dryer.
  • For hair with narrow curls or afro hair, Curl Control Mousse modeling mousse by Moroccanoil is perfect for a long period of time.
  • After that you can wrap your hair in a microfibre cloth, or use a cotton shirt to perform the technique of plopping (we explain how to do it here). Now all you have to do is relax and wait for your hair to dry out.

If you can’t give up your hair dryer, how do you dry your hair without ruining it?

Well there could be a healthy middle ground: dry your hair a little to avoid the discomfort of damp hair on your head and neck (especially if long and full-bodied) and then tie it up to give it the fold you want.

  • Use a powerful hair dryer to speed up drying, like the Phon Parlux Advance (which is also fuchsia).
  • when they’re almost dry, pass them with a wide-toothed comb like GHD’s Detangling Comb – hey, if you have curly hair, of course no comb!
  • Weave your hair to get a wavy effect, or roll it up into small strands to get more defined buds.
  • With some care, drying your hair in summer will no longer be a nightmare, and you can take advantage of these tips even at sea, so you can practice in time and be ready to handle your hair at the beach.

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