Is the best hair mask for each of us a reality or does it not exist? And how does this product apply? The hair mask is quite unknown because many people think it’s one more thing: in reality it’s not like that at all, but this product always ends up being a bit snubby, and serums or fluids are preferred to it; even these have their own why, but not the same end.

The concept is a bit like the face mask: it is a product to be used once in a while to give great nourishment and benefit to your hair in one go. The needs of each of us, however, are different: those with long, thin hair cannot use the same product as those with thick, curly hair; for this reason there is no such thing as THE best mask, but certainly there is the perfect one for you.

What is it and how do you use your hair mask?

Let’s start with the base: the hair mask is not a conditioner and, above all, it is not used in the same way.

One of the reasons why, as we said, the mask seems a little more is because so many people confuse it with a “strengthened conditioner”, which it is not.

Applying a hair mask correctly means:

  • use it before shampooing: have we surprised you? The mask is used on dry hair, before washing to allow the hair to absorb all the nutrients and, only afterwards, remove residue and dirt;
  • distribute it evenly over the entire head, helping you with a wide-toothed comb or a Tangle Teezer, perfect for untangling your hair;
  • keep it in place for at least 15 minutes: the 2 minutes while shaving your legs in a hurry are definitely not enough. Take your time, maybe in the meantime dedicate yourself to the beauty routine for your body, including hair removal, cream and nail polish;
  • respect the right interval: for those who have very dry hair (perhaps because it has discoloured) or damaged once every two weeks is fine, while for those who have no particular problems or have oily hair is good to wait a month between a mask and another;

The perfect hair masks for dry or damaged hair

If you have dry hair, you know it: sun, wind, snow or rain are natural enemies of hair, but even a chemical action, such as discoloration and dyes, can ruin them. So you don’t have to experiment with your hair anymore? Don’t exaggerate with crazy treatments and keep a hair mask on hand at all times.

The plumping and nourishing masks are an irreplaceable panacea for your hair:

  • If you prefer do-it-yourself, use ingredients such as honey, coconut oil, shea butter and avocado, all of which are extremely nutritious;
  • Among the most successful products we suggest the Luxe Oil Keratin Restore Mask by Wella System Professional, formulated with a mix of Argan, Almond and Jojoba oils, or the Restructurizing Mask by Insight, which does not contain SLS, petrolatum, silicones, parabens or colorants;

For fine hair, which mask should I use?

Even thin hair has specific requirements: a cream that is too nourishing, too buttery, would not work well in this case, because it would suffocate the skin and hair, creating a sticky effect, giving it an unclean appearance, which you certainly don’t want to obtain.

The key word for fine hair is volume: to avoid weighing down your hair try to leave free as much as possible the roots and scalp, while applying a generous dose of Volumize Mask of Wella System Professional or Weightless Hydrating Mask of Moroccanoil on the lengths: both are good for long hair – as most people with fine hair wear them – but also short; if you have a pixie cut instead better avoid the mask.

And for those with long flowing hair? Or wavy and crunchy?

In these two cases we always talk about the texture of the hair: the mask you choose, therefore, must respond more to what you want to get, a crisp and defined curl or silk hair.

Who defines their straight hair often adds mentally if they were not always so frizzy: already, getting the perfect smooth is far from easy. Two great products come to your rescue: Lisse Rehydrating Mask by Alfaparf, the mask par excellence to help iron your hair, and Smoothen Mask by Wella System Professional, designed to help you manage untameable hair, especially if it’s big.

For wavy and curly heads, who fear humidity more than anything else, here are two masks that help define the buds without weighing down the hair: Precious Nature Curly Wavy Hair Mask by Alfaparf and Essential Haircare Love Curl Mask by Davines that will give new energy and elasticity to your hair.

A good idea, moreover, could be to alternate a mask of this type with another choice based on the other characteristics of your hair – therefore thin, dry or damaged – because if the final look is important, the health of your hair is even more so.

And you, did you know how to use the mask correctly? Which one do you prefer to use: one that solves the problem of damaged or thin hair or a mask to give your already healthy hair a fantastic look?

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