Horrible morning: you can’t pass your comb through your hair, you look in the mirror and see that your hair is just a confused bush, questionable color and certainly not very pleasant appearance. In short, it’s one of those days when your hair is rebellious. For each of us this difficult day manifests itself in different forms: it happens when your hair is dull, or frizzy or even that they have decided to show their opposition to the colors and discoloration. To solve all these problems, so different from each other, we gave ourselves a single answer: ask our expert, the Christian hair-stylist, who handles these situations every day.

Rebel hair: the basic rules for starting to discipline them

Even though the only thing you want to do is shave your hair to zero and get it over with, you actually have to exercise all your patience. Scrolling through the post you will find many tips divided by hair type, now instead let’s focus on good practices that you must always apply, whatever shape and color has your hair.

The conditioner is not an optional: many times you find yourself with rebellious hair just because you have treated them badly before. To put only on the lengths, it is the best friend of every head well kept: it serves just to get what interests you, that is, hair disciplined and easy to comb.

Doing the fold, always: it seems like a waste of time but, for those who have straight hair or just moved clear, is a fundamental step because it allows you to give the same direction to the hair that would like to move for their facts.

The right cut for each of us exists: explain well to the hairdresser what you would like to get, but then trust his judgment: if he tells you that a certain cut is better not to do it (same for the color), perhaps it is better to change your mind.

Rebel hair: straight, as long as a princess but dull and opaque

Each hair goes in a different direction and, especially when they are big, they easily become dull. This happens because the light is not reflected uniformly, but not only: the effect can also be worsened if you have abused the plate or chemical treatments (dyes and discolorations), which have definitely defibrinated the hair.

Another factor to take into account is the shampoo: many people think they have to choose the best product only based on the type of hair, but it is not always so. It’s much better to choose the shampoo according to your skin and the problems it presents: it’s right there that it will have to act. If you choose a shampoo that is too aggressive, in fact, you will find your hair brittle and stubborn; on the contrary, they will fill up with the product without having any benefits, and it will be like not having washed them; a good product, if you want to try, is the Reparative Alfaparf Linseeds shampoo that gently cleanses and helps to repair the hair fiber.

To finish, choose foams or pastes as a finish, which join the hair together, thus helping to create an even reflecting surface: try More Inside Shine Wax by Davines, which has a polishing effect.

Rebellious hair: wavy and curly that always becomes frizzy

Curly or wavy hair is very porous, so the main problem is that it absorbs moisture, losing its natural shape, flattening out and giving your hair a floppy appearance.

There are three basic steps to make sure your hair looks brilliant and defined:

  • Do not wash your hair too often and use a shampoo to help define its structure.
  • Using the right conditioner, which as we said is essential: it must soften the hair without weighing it down. You can try the Davines Nounou shampoo + conditioner combo to revitalize your hair.
  • As a finish, choose oils to make the hair shine, but be careful to apply the products only on the lengths: excellent are Luxe Oil by Wella Sp, designed for all hair types, and Curly Wavy Hair Oil from the Precious Nature line by Alfaparf, specifically for curly hair.

Rebel hair: even men would like to be able to manage their hair

Men also find themselves having to deal with unruly hair: their situation seems easier as most of them have short hair, but they don’t. If they are short, straight and compact, in fact, there is no problem, but if as soon as they are moved or if you wear them a little longer, here is the frizzy effect and the hair that “shoot”. For long hair or curly helmets it is easy to imagine that there is the same work to be done as mentioned above, while for those who wear them short but can not regulate them must act differently with waxes and fixing pastes.

Simply by taking a zic of product with your fingers use it to give the right orientation to the hair and thus fix that tuft that is out of place or restart the hair backwards to fix the hairstyle. There are many product alternatives to choose from, depending on the more or less defined effect you want to achieve: ranging from a sculptural result with Man Sculpting Paste by Wella System Professional to a very natural one with Whipped Wax from the Osis+ line by Schwarzkopf. Even with short hair you can play, using the lightest waxes to be in order every day and then use the extra-strong for a particular look.

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