2019 is here and it’s time to change the style. Dyeing your hair is the easiest way to experience another look, but it is also the easiest way to ruin everything, in fact it is not always beautiful what is colored. If you’re a fan of experimentation, try the best beard dye.

Lordhair is here to guide you through this year’s trendy shades and to help you stand out from the crowd. Our guide and ideas on fashionable hair colours can also be tried on tailor-made hair systems! So if you own a wig, colour it in the most fashionable styles of the moment!

Dye your hair following the easy ideas below and leave a fashionable mark for 2019.

Platinum waves

Are you a t-shirt guy? So this is the shade made especially for you. Bring your favourite anime hair colour to the real world. This spring, dye your platinum hair at the top and comb it in large tufts pointing forward. Take advantage of a unique style for 2019.


Hi, partygoers. For men who dare, this idea of hair color is the best. Jump into 2019 with courage, with this fashionable style. Keep a medium to long length for the tuft and comb it at the tip. Then add a mix of bright colours with thick stripes to all your hair and you will transform. Try violet, green, cyan and you will see the magic.

Fashionable ash grey

Do you want to try something different? Choose an ash color. She looks wonderful with a bright smile and a pair of blue jeans. Even if you wear a regular shirt, the brilliant factor that is in you will impress. This color is for extrovert and impulsive men. Guys, try this color and spread the charm everywhere you go. Be the one to do the fashion this year thanks to Lordhair’s advice for fashionable hair styles.

Blue and turquoise

Inspired by the characters of video games and anime, this style is unique to the hair. With this provocative look you can be sure that you will stand out. It’s a flexible style. The color mix allows you to change it whenever you want. Take two capillary prostheses for the price of one! It’s the revolutionary shade this fall for fashionable men.

Look through the capillary systems for men with many modification options.

Smoke grey curls

The revolutionary! For this style, you need to lighten your hair and color it in smoke gray. It’s a technical process and requires a little patience, but what a result! This fashionable style is very masculine and looks very good with a short beard. That’s right! It’s the biker style and it’s for men who never forget to flaunt their dominating instincts.

Grey pungent brown

Brown never goes out of fashion, it lasts forever. Choose this shade and write your personality around it. This clean colour in our ‘men’s hair colour guide’ lasts for at least 3 weeks. Spray a golden spray on top of it and leave it natural underneath. Looks like someone is already looking at you!

Copper brown

This fashionable color is for men with a warm skin tone. If you have hair of a natural hedgehog, this style is perfect. If you choose it for 2019, you will surely have your eyes on it. Why not try it then? Transform your hair in the spring with this exclusive tip.

Dark natural blonde

The next style has been more in vogue lately. Longer on top and shorter on the sides. This fantastic shade is especially recommended for men with light hair. If you have dark eyes, it is made just for you. Try it out and let your personality rise.

Golden sunshots

Hair dyes and no sunburn? Impossible! This unique style never goes out of style. No matter what the tone of your complexion is, everyone can try it. This coloring technique gives a new look to your hair while maintaining the original tone. Straight hair should definitely try this unique style.

Do you suffer from hair loss? See the best products for the treatment of hair loss.

Colour melting

This shade is especially designed for our metalworking friends. If you have long hair and want to give it a phenomenal fashion look, go for colour melting. It also has a very nice effect on curls. You can make them orange, blond or even black. Give this style the color you want and be a fashion promoter this fall.

Our guide to hair dyes and hair tips ends here, but we have so much more to offer! Read on.

Can’t wait to get a new hair color? Follow the steps below before you start dyeing your hair. We will also share some tips on how to behave after color.

Ideas and tips to follow before making the color.

1) Look for ideas on hair colors, they will help you in choosing your color.

2) Do your research in time and go and have your hair colored by a professional.

3) Bring the photo of the style you want to speed up the work.

4) Not sure what style to choose? Bring photos of the colors you don’t want.

5) Moisturise your hair the day before the dye by covering the locks with a hair mask.

Now that we have made a list of the points to follow before making the color, we will guide you on how to behave after getting your favorite color!

After color guide

1) After making the color, change the shampoo and conditioner.

2) Use a spray with UV protection to counteract the harmful effects of the sun.

3) Before jumping into the pool, soak your hair in water.

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