Hair in winter, as well as the skin, are affected by the effects of low temperatures. You’ll tell me: is the hair “under attack” even in winter? Eh, yes: each season brings with it specific needs, even if they are perhaps less evident than the hair loss typical of autumn or the effects of the sunrise in summer.

Too often, however, we tend to underestimate them and not feed them as we should and the result is, invariably, a mass of frizzy hair. Since we’re still in time, in this post you’ll find all the advice of Feel Your Look to protect your hair from the cold: prevention is better than cure, right?

After all, all you have to do is acquire some good habits to keep your hair healthy, giving it shine and strength even in cold, wind and humidity.

What happens to your hair in winter?

With the cold, dry air typical of our winters, “cooled” hair becomes dry, does not maintain its fold and before you know it becomes frizzy, making it difficult to regulate your hair and restore their well-being.

The cold season brings with it several pitfalls for your hair: electric hair and faded color mean anything to you? It happens that we cover ourselves with hats and scarves – rightly so! Not wearing a hat would be worse – and the continuous rubbing between them and our hair produces electricity: to counter this effect we need super nutritious products, starting with shampoo, such as Kérastase’s Bain Magistral.

Even the fading colour is the “fault” of the temperatures: in fact, to wash our hair in winter we prefer a nice warm water, not only lukewarm, but this leads the cuticle of the hair to open and “lose” the colour in this way. So try to use water at the usual temperature, to avoid a shock to your colored hair.

Cold and hair: what to do

Protecting your hair from the rigors of the cold season is nothing complicated, here are the 6 basic rules to follow to have hair always in shape:

  • to limit the electric hair effect also use a brush with natural bristles, which has an antistatic effect;
  • shampoo with lukewarm water, rinsing with cold water (not frosty, do not exaggerate);
  • avoid drying your hair with a too hot jet of air, which damages the hair shaft, and use the straightener too much. Keep your hair dryer at an average temperature – alternating hot and cold air from time to time – and do not leave your hair damp. It is true, I repeat, but it is also true that the heat used indiscriminately on the hair, just ruins it;
  • on the contrary, do not go out with damp hair or, even worse, still wet: those who do sports often have the habit of not completely drying the hair after training, resolving with a hat. Unfortunately in winter it is not enough: you risk only a cold with the addition of straw hair;
  • Once every two weeks, make a moisturizing mask: a super-nutrient like Kérastase’s Masque Magistral is ideal. It’s a good idea for these months to choose a richer product than usual, because the hair needs to be more hydrated: this advice, therefore, also applies to those who have oily hair, not only for those who have the ends;
  • on a holiday in the snow remember to tie your hair in a soft braid and protect it with a hat: snow, as well as the cold, is not friend of the health of the hair.

Hair in winter: what products to use for frizzy hair

If, on the other hand, the damage has already been done, you probably now find yourself with a mass of frizzy hair. Of course, all the above advice is already valid: while you’re trying to remedy it, learn to follow these good practices; it’s important to take care of your hair a little every day, not just when you find yourself with an indomitable head.

In particular, here are the products to use for frizzy hair, made dry by the cold:

  • go with the intensive treatment shampoo + mask + oil: at least for a month you have to make up for what was not done before, then hydrate the hair as much as possible. In addition to Bain Magistral shampoo, use Crème Magistral, also by Kérastase, which is an intensive cream for extremely dry hair: it is used on damp hair after washing and, in fact, should not be rinsed;
  • use an anti-frizz restorative oil: here it is a question of choosing the one that is most suitable for you, based on the type of your hair. If you have straight hair, Asia Zen Control Elixir by Orofluido and Rich Oil by L’oréal from the Mythic Oil line are perfect; if you have curly hair, use Precious Nature Curly Wavy Hair by Alfaparf;

We hope we’ve given you all the advice you need to “arm” yourself against the winter cold: always remember that the key word is hydration, especially in winter.

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